Where to Study Cooking in England

The restaurant business is one of the most successful industries in the whole world. There are countless people that managed to transform their ideas in successful Michelin rated restaurants where you have to book a table a month in advance. But in order to get there you first have to learn all the cooking basics and trends. England is known as the home of some of the most famous chefs in the world like Jamie Oliver. The culinary tradition of this country is very long, and this is why many people aspire to become a very successful chef. But choosing the right pace for you to study cooking can be quite a challenging task. We have listed some of the best cooking schools in England in order to help you achieve your dream.

Le Cordon Bleu London

This is one of the most prestigious cooking schools in England. The place is famous for the international cooking programs in which they bring some of the best chefs and experts as teachers in order to make sure that the students get the best education. The place managed to train some of the best chefs and pastry experts in the world. If you want to be prepared to work in some of the fanciest restaurants in the world this is definitely the place to go. Besides cooking they also have pastry and sweets courses.

Tante Marie

Another great school in a great location right near London. The famous chef Gordon Ramsey designed some of the classes here. Part of his international staff is working here, and it is well-known that he likes selecting staff for his restaurants from all over the world from this place. You are definitely going to get top education and you will also get feed-back from some of the best chefs in the world.

Westminster Kingsway College

One of the oldest cooking schools in London, it has just celebrated its 100-year anniversary. This place has some of the most extensive training programs. The courses here are very diverse and you can choose to learn from culinary arts to hospitality management. The school is very proud of its prestige and likes to have the best teachers in order to make sure that every student here is very well-trained and takes the legacy of this place further.

Lieths School of Food and Wine

Another prestigious cooking school that also offers short courses if you are just looking to perfect your skills or if you want to learn something new. The place was established by a food enthusiast and now it is one of the main sources of Michelin chefs in England.

Padstow Seafood School

This school is located in the beautiful Cornwall. Here you will learn how to master all the seafood recipes and how to improvise new ones. Although the program may seem restrictive, some of the best chefs in the world came here to enhance their skills. The place is also great if you are looking for a short course.