Where to Get the Best Desserts in England

Almost everybody loves to eat desserts. It is the perfect comfort food and a nice treat to have at any time. There are some wonderful places where you can go to get the very best desserts in England. The country as a whole is well known for its great desserts and pastries; if you are making a trip to the United Kingdom any time soon, then you need to visit these places.

Pudding Stop

The Pudding Stop is one such locale you shouldn’t miss to indulge your sweet tooth. The shop makes their desserts fresh every day. You can try the delicious Blueberry pie or the apple and raspberry crumble. For breakfast, you can have some scrumptious buttermilk pancakes or brioche French toast. You could also pick up a delicious treacle tart or pecan tart, or tasty brownies.

Eve Kitchen

For some homemade doughnuts you can visit Eve Kitchen in Sheffield. Everything is made from scratch, including the jam which involves quite a long process. The doughnuts are also specially made using yeasted dough to ensure that the finished product is light and airy and not overly oily. The fact that all the ingredients are fresh and everything is homemade ensures that all the food is absolutely marvelous.


This restaurant in Harrogate is actually a Norwegian restaurant which uses Scandinavian inspired dishes. You can try their delicious princess cake. This is essentially a sponge cake made with jam, custard and cream all topped with green marzipan, or try the Swedish cinnamon rolls, called kanelbullar.

Yeast Bakery

Yeast Bakery in London is a viennoiserie bakery. It is a terrific place to go to buy a great dessert and to enjoy some very tasty pastry dishes. They also make croissants and homemade bread that they sell at a stall on Saturdays.

The Bakemonger

This place is located in Somerset and makes all types of cakes and treats. They bake wedding cakes and many types of delicious cupcakes, as well as canapés and tarts. They create custom designed edibles that are absolutely delicious. You can find very ornately designed and decorated cakes at the Bakemonger. They are probably a very good choice for custom made cakes.

Dessert Restaurant

Another great place in London, it is owned and run by a former head pastry chef, Sarah Barber, and it shows. You won’t find the same old desserts here, but instead Barber goes out of her way to create many new sweets with ingredients such as honey, fruit and goat’s cheese. She also tries to use fruit more often than sugar to sweeten the deserts in order to produce a slightly healthier product.

Whether you are looking for doughnuts, ice cream or something more savory, you are sure to find a great place to get a tasty dessert in England. They have something for everyone, and if there is one thing England can do well, it is desserts. Enjoy them with a proper cup of tea and you are sure to be satisfied.