What are the most Expensive Meats in the World?

Everybody loves the rare treat when you can afford a really good meal at a favorite restaurant. For most, this is an occasional luxury, perhaps just after payday once a month. However, for the elite of society that can afford such luxuries on a regular basis what do they do for the occasional treat? Perhaps they indulge themselves in some of the most expensive meats in the world, if so they may have eaten some of the items in our blog.


For fans of the Simpson’s, Fugu will probably be quite familiar as it was the fish that almost took his life. Although the popular cartoon did embellish the danger of eating Fugu sashimi, it is a fact that these puffer fish are responsible for 20 / 40 deaths a year. Should you wish to sample this deadly delicacy then it will set you back nearly $150 per pound. Then you will have to employ an expert Japanese chef to slice it for you.

Jamon Iberico

Spain is famous for one of its most popular national dishes which is tapas. Tapas can include almost anything, but in the good tapas bars of Madrid normally some Jamon would be included. However, you would be most fortunate if you were offered Jabon Iberico. This charcuterie delicacy is highly sought after and at over $140 a pound it is hardly surprising.

The black Iberian pig roams freely along the Iberian Peninsula before it is fed on a diet of acorns and selected grains. This then imparts the ham its wonderful flavor, which is a little nutty which makes it an excellent partner to go with cheese.


Wagyu is the world-famous beef from Japan, and no blog about expensive meats could ever be written without including Wagyu. Wagyu translated in English means Japanese Cow, but these are no ordinary beasts. The king of them all is Kobe, and there are many legendary stories of farmers massaging their animals and feeding them beer to improve taste and texture. It does not matter if you are eating filet, strip or prime rib, this beef is the best in the world, bar none. There is a downside to this and that is the cost, an average pound would cost in the region of $300.

Ayam Cemani

We end our blog on expensive meats of the world with the humble chicken, or in this case the not so humble. This rare breed of black chicken is quite remarkable, its meat, organs, bones and feathers are all as black as coal, just the feathers have a slight green hue. Each goth bird costs $2,500, and the reason for this is that few people actually breed the Ayam Cemani, and you would expect that even fewer people could actually afford them.

If you are about to pop out to dine tonight, why not push the boat out and opt for one of the delights mentioned in this blog. You may well be taking your life in your hands if you opt for Fugu, but you can’t go far wrong with a perfectly grilled and massaged steak.