Vegan Friendly Restaurants in the UK

There are several restaurants to choose from in the UK. However, it may be more difficult to find a restaurant to eat at if you are a vegan or looking to try out a vegan dish. Although more and more restaurants are starting to recognize that it is important to offer vegan options on their menu since more and more people are adopting a vegan diet. Some restaurants may be primarily for vegetarians and vegans, while other restaurants may include vegan and vegetarian options on their menus.

The 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant

This is centrally located in London and is one of the best vegan restaurants to eat at. This restaurant offers a large selection of vegan dishes including pine nut risotto and pasts basilica. The cute atmosphere and yummy food will have you coming back for more.

El Piano

Located in York this place has a totally plant based menu. They also offer several gluten free options for people who wish to only eat gluten free meals. You can try the quinoa cous cous or tofu, vegetable and rice stir fry dish.


One of the most popular vegetarian and vegan places to eat at in London is Manna restaurant. They have soup, Caesar salad, and a mixed green salad where you can pick your own toppings. They also have meatballs and tofu kebabs that you can eat. Giving you plenty of options and variety to choose from.

Samphire Brasserie

This unique place is in Plymouth has various dishes made using local ingredients. They also have a vegan deli where you can get take away vegan meals. A menu that is completely vegan can be found at the Voltaire restaurant in Bangor. This very popular restaurant provides several options, such as coconut rice, delicious onion rings and salads, or vegan burgers with fries and salad.

Other Options

Besides restaurants that are mainly focused on vegetarian and vegan dishes, there are several good restaurants that provide a good selection of options for vegetarians and vegans along with non-vegan options. For instance, the Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca. This chain of restaurants has some good vegan options on their menu including avocado and lime guacamole and various salads. Another restaurant chain aside from Wahaca, where you can easily find some good vegan options on the menu, is Las Igaunas. They have ensalada that includes quinoa, sweet potato, beans and sweetcorn.

The Real Greek is a place that you can try that offers Greek meze with a vegan option. Le Pain is a restaurant that has several vegan options including coconut milk, vegetable and quinoa salads and soya sour cream. Carluccios is another great choice for vegan foods. They have a very extensive selection of vegan dishes that are available. In fact, they have 14 vegan options on the menu including yummy spaghetti and various delicious Italian breads. These restaurants in the UK are all good options if you are in search of a good vegan meal. Some of these restaurants are entirely vegan or offer many vegan options to choose from.