Up and Coming British Chefs

The culinary world is teaming with fresh chefs boasting creativity. Here is our list of up and coming British chefs.

Fred Clapperton

From pot-washer to head chef? That is the story of Fred, one of the next generation British chefs. His experience in a world-class kitchen began with washing pots, to waiting, then assisting absent workers in the kitchen and now the head chef of one of Michelin starred restaurants, The Clock House. Fred who started as a demi chef de partie at Drake’s quickly progressed through the ranks, developing his own “intricate, focused and quite natural” cooking style. He creatively prepares his desserts in-house. Honing his culinary skills in various restaurants for some years before joining Drake’s (now The Clock House) in 2012, Fred is on our list of up and coming British chefs.

Matt Gillan

Matt began his career just after school. Dropping his graphic design ambitions, he decided to become a master of the culinary art instead. The experience he gathered from years of working under the mentorship of great chefs like Daniel Clifford and Gordon Ramsey has helped define his “Progressive British” style cuisines. As head at The Pass, he serves his blend of British and international culinary, earning a star form Michelin in 2011, and making the list of British rising chefs.

Georgina Dent

Spurred on by her parents who are both chefs, Georgina began pursuing a culinary career at age 15. She proceeded to perfect her act, winning the 2013 Observer Food Monthly Award’s “Young Chef of the Year.” Her courage and love for cooking saw her working with Nathan Outlaw 2 years into her career. Eventually moving to Angela Hartnett’s Murano London, Georgina is one of the up and coming British chefs to watch.

Simon Ulph

Unlike other up and coming chefs on this list, Simon had no formal catering training. He started cooking at a little restaurant while doing a weekend job in Kent. After trying shift at The Swan, then the 16-year-old decided to become a chef. It wasn’t easy at first, but after a rigorous learning and becoming a chef, he went on to find his style working at The Hambrough with Robert Thompson. He refined his cooking working with April Bloomfield in New York and Japanese chef Masaharu Morimoto, gathering experiences at The George Hotel, as head chef at Thompson’s, and ended up the head chef at Chapel Down. Simon’s zeal for cooking and readiness to up his game makes him one of the rising chefs on the British culinary scene.

Pip Lacey

Pip left her graphics design business to pursue a career that would match her love for food and that took her to the York and Albany where she met head chef Angela Hartnett. She had no chef experience and mistakenly implied that she had no visa in her job application, almost costing her first opportunity. She got the job anyway and proceeded to make a name for herself. Apart from the 3 months, she spent at Royal Hospital Road, Pip has been with Angela through her culinary career serving British and Italian blends. Her food ambitions have carried her thus far and placed her on the list of up and coming British chefs.