Unusual Foods to Try in the UK

If you are visiting the UK, it is fun to eat the local foods that are traditionally eaten in particular areas; and the UK does have some unusual types of cuisine that you may want to sample. Eating local cuisine always makes a trip that much more unique, so be sure to give theses unusual foods a try when in the United Kingdom.

The Cranachan

This is a Scottish dish, well it is actually a type of dessert from Scotland that consists of toasted oatmeal, raspberries, cream and whiskey. This very sweet and rich dessert tastes delicious and is traditionally served with all the ingredients made available so that people can add extra raspberries, whiskey or cream to suit their preferences and tastes. It is a heavy dish so be sure to save room for it after dinner.


Another Scottish dish, this one was developed as a way to use up leftover cabbage. It combines cabbage, onions and potatoes and any other leftovers from a roast. The ingredients are combined and mixed with salt, butter and pepper whilst a layer of cheese is added to the top of the mix which is then baked in the oven. Despite the fact that this is a dish of leftovers it is a tasty one that you should try if you get a chance.

Cullen Skink

If you are looking for a delicious yet rather unusual type of soup, then be sure to try Cullen Skink. This Scottish soup is made using smoked haddock, potatoes, and onions and is a very thick and tasty soup popular in the UK. It is often eaten as a starter at a restaurant served with bread but makes an equally hearty main course especially if made thicker by adding more mashed potatoes. A wonderful warm welcome on a typically cold winter’s evening in this part of the world!

Stargazy Pie

A dish that you may find very odd indeed. This fish dish originated in Cornwall, the southernmost county in England famous for its fresh fish. The pie is served with fish, usually pilchards, sticking out of the top which may seem strange but is very theatrical to look at. The other ingredients include eggs and potatoes and then the crust. The fish are positioned pointing upwards out of the pie so that the oils from the fish seep back in adding to the flavor and keeping the crust nice and crisp. It may be a bit off putting seeing a pie with fish staring out of it but it’s certainly part of the fun when experiencing new cultures and their cuisine. From the same region comes the unusual

Cornish Yarg, a type of cheese made from cow’s milk which has garlic added to it. The cheese is wrapped in a layer of nettle leaves which then form a moldy rind on the outer surface. The resulting product is an unusual type of earthy cheese much loved by locals and visitors alike.