United Kingdom’s Typical Beverages

The United Kingdom holds a huge variety of gastronomical secrets most people may not be entirely familiar with, but everyone knows there’s always some beauty in letting yourself go and try something new, especially if it has the potential to amaze you.

The UK, and especially England, host hundreds of thousands of tourists on a yearly basis, and its singular culture, and landscapes will make even the most skeptic people fall in love with it and want to come back over and over. But if you ask most people, one of the few things that stand out among their rich culture has to be their delicious beverages, and today, we’ll let you know about the most common beverages and drinks you could get with or between every meal.

Hot Apple Juice

It sounds odd, but England’s hot apple juice always delights tourists and foreign people for its natural, old-fashioned taste. After the apples are properly fermented, they’re served next to crackers during winter and cold times, and it makes for a terrific afternoon snack.

Barley Water

Yes, British love barley water, crazy as it may seem. This is mostly considered their native soda, and it’s made out of boiled and washed barley, as you may be able to guess by its name. The liquid is served over fruit pulp and then sweetened at the specific taste of whoever wants to take a sip of this delight.

Honey Water

Obviously, honey water is nothing but water with honey, after it has gone through a delicate and specific fermenting process. This may sound incredibly strange for most people from out of the United Kingdom, but once you taste it, it’s a one-way street, as is one of the most delicious beverages you’ll ever be able to get.


Regardless of whether it’s home-made or from a local pub, you just can’t visit London and not get completely wasted with their delicious variety of beers. Obviously, they’re stronger than what most people are used to drinking, so be cautious. British people have a rich beer culture and are known for their taste for it. Also, they have one to suit the needs and requirements of every single one, with their delicious porter, stout, black beers, pale ales, ginger ales, bitters or lagers.


Even if most people don’t know about it, England is actually extremely popular for its wines, and they never miss on the opportunity to drink a glass full of it during dinner or lunch, even though they save the best ones for a special occasion.


And last, but not least, we couldn’t leave tea out of our list, as it’s one of the main reasons why most of the people know England. Just like in the movies and cartoons, these guys are crazy about tea, and there just isn’t a day they don’t drink a single cup. They mix it with cookies, bread, crackers, milk or plain, and have thousands of different ways to drink it, so you definitely can’t miss on the chance to have a cup or two.