English Cuisine

Truth or Myth: English Cuisine Is the Poorest in the World?

People can instantly name French croissants, Italian tiramisu, or German sausages. But when they are asked about the English cuisine there are many doubts does it really exist? Most British people and travelers often do not even realize that there is a real English cuisine. British chefs may not be proud of the large selection of traditional dishes, but they still have something to impress the world. Traditional English cuisine is available in many London restaurants. And try to get rid of the preconceptions that only fish and chips will be served on the table again.

Classical English Breakfasts

British cuisine has something to be proud of legally. Almost the only traditional British dish that is considered a culinary classic and has never lost its reputation is an English breakfast. Although the components of this dish may vary, we usually find fried eggs, fried grilled sausages, fried mushrooms, smoked or fried ham, fried tomatoes, toasts and, of course, canned beans on the breakfast plate. English breakfasts are available at many top-class hotels around the world, from the US to Japan. There is some magical charm in such easy, farm-style food.

Colony Food

The United Kingdom, once famous for its colonies around the world, borrowed many ingredients and meals from conquered countries. In addition, along with traditional recipes from their countries, emigrants have been flocking to the UK for decades, with the British accustomed to Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Jewish, Italian, Mexican and other cuisines.

In the long run, English steaks, fish, and cakes tasted from time immemorial have faced new competitors such as potatoes, chili and tomatoes from South America, curry and spicy from India and Bangladesh, and oil-fried vegetables and rice from China and Thailand. The neighboring countries cannot be forgotten, as a result, the French cuisines had a great impact also.

Fish and Chips

But no one can compete with British fish with chips. It is not only sold on every corner. Instead of a branded dish, a common family of “fish and chips” puts it on the Christmas table, as if eating this combination of two products every day would not be bored enough for the British.

There is no surprise that in some high-class restaurants you can taste such mock steaks or fish with fries, which will be served differently with a set of specially prepared vegetables and various sauces. Many restaurants also offer steaks over Christmas, but the usual lamb or beef on those days is replaced by turkey breast fillets. All these dishes, once stored in poor food, are fast finding their way into the hearts of people, and not just the British.

Break Stereotypes

For those who believe that English cuisine is pitiful and will never match the variety of traditional dishes of other nations, we suggest visiting one of the many London restaurants that serve exclusively English food. In the fancy Notting Hill area, visitors to the Costas Fish Restaurant will be amazed to see traditional English dishes and delicacies on the menu.

For those who prefer meat steaks, should visit The Chelsea Ram Restaurant in Chelsea, which is often praised by food critics. It serves a variety of dishes, including typical royal English meals such as pheasant breast steak or sausages, served with herbs, mashed potatoes, and traditional onion sauce.