Traditional Scottish Foods

Scotland has some great traditional foods that you can try. For instance, they have the bannocks. Bannocks are a type of biscuit or flat bread that is made of barley or oatmeal. They are cooked today with baking soda which gives them an airy texture. There are several varieties of bannocks in Scotland, such as for instance, the Selkirk bannock which is made of raisins and wheat flour. The Selkirk bannock is like fruit cake. Bannocks are also often eaten with slices of cheese.

An actual traditional Scottish fruit cake is the black bun. This is a fruit cake that is surrounded by pastry. The fruit inside consists of a combination of raisins, currants, citrus peels, almonds; and spices such as allspice, ginger and pepper.


Scottish Broth, also known as hotchpotch, is a thick soup that is a traditional meal in Scotland. The soup is made of barley with root vegetables, various cuts of meat including lamb, beef, or mutton, and lentils or split peas. The vegetables are cut into small squares and added and may include carrots or turnips. The soup is usually served very hot. Another thick soup to try is Cullen skink. This is a soup made from potatoes, smoked haddock and onions. This soup originated in the north east region of Scotland, where you can still commonly find it being served as a starter in many eating establishments.

Cullen skink

Colcannon is a vegetable dish found in the western islands of Scotland. This dish is somewhere between a stew and a soup. It usually consists of boiled carrots, turnip, cabbage and potatoes. These dishes are popular as they warm you up in the cold Scottish weather.


One of the best known of all the Scottish dishes is haggis. Haggis is the national dish of Scotland and consists of the internal organs of the sheep, along with various spices, meat suet and oatmeal that are placed inside the stomach of the sheep. The internal organs used include the heart, lungs and liver of the sheep which are minced and mixed with the suet, oatmeal and spices. The entire structure is boiled and cooked for several hours, and then served with mashed up potatoes or turnips.

Fish and Other Dishes

A fish dish that is a traditional Scottish food is the Arbroath smokie. This is a type of smoked haddock that is prepared using traditional methods. The fish are tied together and salted overnight before being smoked over a fire. Another popular and traditional dish of Scotland is rumbledethumps. This dish is mainly made of onion, cabbage and potato all mixed with butter, and salt. Some pepper is usually also added to the mixture. After mixing all of this together, cheddar cheese is added to the top and the entire dish is baked in the oven.


Scottish pies are also popular and traditional, and there are also some great cheeses that are made. Some Scottish cheeses to try including caboc, crowdie and Arran cheddar.  These are some of the traditional Scottish dishes that you can try if you visit Scotland.