Top Food Markets in England

London is growing every day with new restaurants and shops to check out. If you are planning a trip to the city soon you are probably wondering where to go and what to see. One of the new more popular tourist destinations are the many food markets. Food markets have always been a thing throughout Europe, but now they offer more options for the average passerby.  Here is a list of some of the best food markets you should check out whenever you visit London for your fresh, straight-from-the-farm food groceries and food stalls.

St Nicholas Market, Bristol

You find the most significant number of independent retailers in this market. St Nicholas market opens six days a week and is a place you can get delicious food to your satisfaction, especially at the Glass Arcade. On Wednesday, local farmers flood the market with fruits and vegetables and other locally cultivated grains.

GRUB Food Fair, Manchester

This food fair is usually held at the Fairfield Social Club organized by the most extensive food event company in Winchester each weekend. It features some of the top street stalls, lives music, craft beers and a lot of cocktails. Attendance is free, and there is a lot of food, company, and good music from DJs to go along with it.

Borough Market, London

If you want a classic market, Borough Market is one of such. this market is undoubtedly the oldest you can find in London. Many tourists and locals are often attracted to this site. The market sells a lot of farm produce, and some of these come all the way from France. You also get street food scenes which are the favorite of most British people.

Bitten Street, Oxford

Bitten Street has been around for some years now and is the most popular street food market in London. It was formerly in Brookes but was later moved to Oxford Castle Quarter. Many people visits this market due to its large varieties of foods and high-level street food stall, vans and flavors. You may like to have some beer every Saturday in a serene atmosphere.

St George’s Market, Belfast

Visitors from the Northern Irish city love to visit this market due to its unrivalled selection of seafood. It boasts an award-winning cheese and the local Armagh beef. It is one of the places in Belfast that attracts a lot of people to its improved Victorian site which has not stopped growing in popularity ever since.

Edinburgh Farmers’ Market

If you need a market that sells produce straight from its source, Edinburgh Farmers’ Market is one of them. A beautiful market strategically located against the imposing castle, the market opens its doors to visitors every first Saturday of the month. Fresh produce is sent from all around the UK, and the odd cooking show is not excluded as part of its impressive features. Visiting this market on a sunny afternoon will give you one of its best beauties.