Top Culinary Schools in the UK

There are some excellent chefs and cooks that have been trained in the United Kingdom. There are in fact some truly excellent culinary schools found in the UK where students can get the training that they need.

Le Cordon Bleu

One of these schools is Le Cordon Bleu in London which is a very prestigious and well-known culinary school that has been in existence since 1931. This school does emphasize French culinary techniques and offers several diploma options as well as short courses that students can take. Examples of courses that someone can take include cuisine techniques, creative vegetables, and cooking steak. What is nice is that there is flexibility in how long the courses last for. For instance, some of these courses are only one day courses. The school also offers courses related to culinary management, so it is more than just about the cooking of the food.

Tante Marie

Another cooking school found outside of London. It was founded in 1954 and is internationally recognized for the high quality of the classes they offer. Aside from the professional cooking classes that they teach, they do also offer short courses like the way that Le Cordon Bleu does. You can take a short weekend class on cooking if you want. They do offer a diploma that takes three terms to complete. Tante Marie teaches various cooking techniques using qualified chefs, and what is also nice is that the classes are small, usually only 10 students per class. Students thus get much one on one attention from the instructors at this school.

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

This school offers apprenticeships and a Master of Culinary Arts option for those individuals who are already working as chefs. The apprenticeships are something an aspiring chef may be interested in doing to gain experience. The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts is an important association of chefs in the UK.

Westminster Kingsway College

Located in London this college offers degrees, including a degree in culinary arts. A student can complete a BA degree and an honors degree in the culinary arts. They also offer a diploma in hospitality and various certificates. Certificate options include certificates such as professional chef and patisserie. These are internationally recognized chef certificates that a student can complete.

Other Courses

You can take hospitality and catering classes at some other colleges in the United Kingdom, including at Southgate College and Leicester College. The University of Birmingham offer several culinary courses, including a BSc honors degree in food development and innovation, and a BSc honors degree in bakery and patisserie. They also have courses in bakery and food technology that you can take.  The University of West London is another college that offers courses in professional cooking and culinary arts. They offer a BA honors degree in food and professional cookery, and various diplomas in cookery. These are the best culinary schools that a person can attend in the UK. Some of the schools have various options from full degree programs to short weekend or day courses so you can choose the option that suits you best.