Top Cities to Visit in England for The Foodie

England was long thought to not be the ideal place for a foodie to visit, they had a bad reputation for serving up weak dishes with poor flavor profiles. This has changed in recent years though. England, specifically the larger cities such as London or Manchester, are becoming known for their foodie favorite places. If you are stopping over in this country be sure to give these places a try.


One of the places where you can find several great eating establishments is the town of Woodstock which is in Oxfordshire. There are many great food choices here for the food connoisseur, including the Feathers and the Crown Inn. The Feathers offer a terrific place to go to have a nice cup of tea with some delicious desserts. The Feathers is actually one of the top three eating establishments in Oxfordshire. The Crown Inn also offers some delicious food choices.


There are some great places to eat in and around Cumbria. One such eating establishment to try is the L’Enclume restaurant which is found in the town of Grange-over-sands. This restaurant offers excellent fine dining and an upscale menu. The food may be pricy but is worth it if you want to have an upscale and fine dining experience with absolutely delicious food.


Probably the best city of all to visit if you are a foodie is London. London is such a large city that it has several choices for food. You can experience a range of different dishes and menu options available at a range of eating establishments from casual cafes to upscale fine dining establishments. One of the top restaurants in London is the Chiltern Firehouse. This restaurant is so popular that you have to book long in advance to even get a table here. If you can get in it will certainly be worth it as they have a terrific modern bistro cuisine.

Another great and popular restaurant that you should make a point of patronizing is the Duck and Waffle. This restaurant is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you know you can always get a meal whenever you feel like it. This restaurant is located 40 floors up in a tall building. They have a very comprehensive menu, so you are sure to find a dish that you will enjoy. They also have an all-day menu which is food that you can order at any time of day or night.


There are some great eating establishments to be found in Brighton, on the southeast coast of England. The restaurant 64 degrees offers gourmet meals that are popular with the tourist crowd and locals. The menu changes in accordance with what is in season but what is certain is that the food is delicious.


The city of Ripon also offers some great options for the foodie. They have the terrific French restaurant, La Grillade, which has great food. For a more casual menu and dining option you can go to Lockwoods, which is also in Ripon.