The Typical UK Gastronomy

The United Kingdom is known for a lot of things, but its gastronomy isn’t actually one of those things, as most people tend to think that they don’t have many things to offer for foreign visitors and tourists.

Ironically, England hosts hundreds of thousands of foreign restaurants from all over the world, and while people don’t actually know much about typical British food, they travel there to get a glimpse of huge gastronomic diversity. But, truth to be told, the United Kingdom should be given way more credit for its food than what they’re getting right now, and today, we’re going to let you know about the most common and typical dishes you could find on any true British restaurant:

Full English Breakfast

Also known as “Bacon and Eggs” or “Fry-Up”, this is a breakfast that’s only reserved for a special occasion, contrary to what most people could think thanks to movies, documentaries, and cartoons.

This delicious meal consists of a couple of fried eggs, tons of bacon, beans, sausages, black pudding, hash browns, fried tomato, and mushrooms, along with a couple of slices of toasted bread served aside.

Sunday Roast

The Sunday Roast is arguably UK’s most famous dish. Also known as Sunday Dinner, Sunday Lunch, Roast Dinner or Sunday Join, it’s usually consisting of roasted meat (lamb, pork, beef or chicken), roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, and vegetables.

As you could tell by its name, it’s typically reserved for Sundays, and it’s the perfect excuse to gather around family and friends while watching football or just catching up with your closest and most beloved people.

Ploughman’s Lunch

While not the most popular among tourists, this one’s certainly one of the most delicious. The Ploughman’s Lunch was first cooked in Sommerset and features a bunch load of intense-flavored cheddar cheese.

This plate is mostly consisting of cheddar cheese with sweet ham, tomato sauce, apples, glazed vegetables, pickled onions, salad, and bread. And truth be told, the history behind its name is a bit of a mystery.

Fish and Chips

This one’s of the most popular meals for young people and teenagers all across the United Kingdom, as well as among tourists, and it consists in fish and chips, just like you could tell by its name.

Usually, they deep fry codfish, hake, or haddock, served with a nice portion of fries or baked potato chips dressed with salt and vinegar. Perhaps this won’t be the most creative meal in this list, but it sure is delicious.

Pies and Cornish Pasties

British are known for their love of pies and that’s one of the things that hasn’t changed a single bit throughout the history of their gastronomy. Those pies are filled with a lot of stuffing and could serve from one to three people per serving. The Cornish Pasty is usually stuffed with meat, onions, potatoes, and kohlrabi, and people from all over the world line up on British restaurants to get a glimpse of this delicious pasty with a huge glass or orange juice.

While these may be the most popular dishes, you should also try the shepherd’s pie, cottage pie, gammon steak with eggs, Lancashire hotpot, toad-in-the-hole and, last but not least, the Scottish haggis.