The Great Chef Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is well-known as one of the most loud and outgoing chefs and TV personalities in England. Besides his TV notoriety, he is also one of the most praised chefs in the world and some of the most successful business owners on the planet. He was born in 1966 in Scotland and his early years were not easy at all. He was raised in a family of five and his father was, as he stated, an alcoholic womanizer. Because of the business aspirations his father had, the family moved a lot and this market the young Gordon. He also stated that his early years were extremely hard and marked with abuse from his father. At the age of 16 he moved out of his parents’ house and started playing football. He was a very good player and he soon got selected for a trial for Rangers. Unfortunately, while he was training, he hurt his knee. This accident later led to the end of his professional football career.

Early Schooling and Career

At the age of 19 he enrolled in a Technological school where he got a degree. He stated that this step in his life was a pure accident and that he never imagined before that cooking will be something for him. He later moved to France where he started working with Guy Savoy. His restaurant was Michelin rated and Ramsay stated that Savoy was and will always be his mentor. In this period, he improved his skills and managed to learn the French cooking style and recipes. Thanks to this period we have all the French influences in his dishes today.

First Restaurant

After a few years he returned to England where he opened his first restaurant. He married and has 4 children with his wife. This is also the moment when he starts to become and international sensation. He starred in many cooking shows that brought him the fame. He is known for the quick temper and swearing. But besides these outgoing moments, he is a perfectionist and likes to share his cooking skills with the others. In the series Hell’s Kitchen, he shows his cooking and preparing skills to aspiring chefs and gives more than honest reviews on their dishes. He is notorious for doing this feed-back speech on his Twitter page too.

Charity Work

Although he is a great fan of meat, he supports the decision of his fans to become vegan or vegetarian after seeing the slaughter houses and the conditions in which the animals are being kept. In his cooking books, he also has some recipes that are pure vegetarian to give his vegetarian fans credit. He is a great supporter of the charity work and this year he is preparing to run the London marathon for the tenth time. He supports better quality food for children in schools and he is also known for judging the poor nutrition decisions some parents make. He is a very outgoing but honest chef that likes sharing his skills and recipes with the world.