The Delicious Cornish Pasty and Why You Should Try One

A pasty makes for a scrumptious meal, and it is essentially a pasty that is made by putting vegetables and meat inside of a pastry crust. The pastry is folded over to surround the filling and the entire structure is then baked. The filling should be completely sealed inside the pastry. A Cornish pasty is the national food of Cornwall and traditionally includes a filing that consists of turnip (also known as swede in some areas), beef, onion and potato along with a little bit of pepper and salt. The traditional Cornish pasty should also have the shape of a D.

A Healthy Choice

This is a delicious savory food to eat that is healthy if prepared with natural ingredients. The presence of meat, turnips and onion all make this quite a healthy food, even though the pastry may be less healthy since it includes butter. Eaten in moderation, the Cornish pasty is a nice small meal that one can have with a cup of tea or, if you prefer, coffee.

Easy to Make

What is also great is that the Cornish pasty is quick and easy to make and there are many recipes available, so you can vary the ingredients or filling if you want to. For a genuine Cornish pasty you would need to include the traditional ingredients of turnip, onion, potato, beef, and salt and pepper. Those people who are concerned about having a traditional pasty you should aim for a mix of about 25% vegetables and 12% beef for the filling. If you are unconcerned about having the traditional pasty then you can easily use chicken instead of beef, and you can even add some type of cheese if you so desire.

You can easily find a recipe for making a Cornish pasty. To make the pastry you essentially mix flour and grated lard together and then mix in salt and margarine to form the dough. This should be kept chilled for a few hours. When you prepare the filling, it is important to cut or dice the pieces of meat and vegetables to similar-sized small pieces. This is to ensure that the meat and the vegetable pieces all cook evenly. You should remember to add your salt and pepper at this stage. Put the filling into the pastry and then spread butter or cream around the edge of the pastry. You need to fold the pastry over the filling, crimp the edges of the pastry dough together and brush the completed pastry with egg white or milk. The pastry is baked until it is a nice golden-brown color. A Cornish pastry must have the edges crimped and should be of a D shape if you are want a traditional Cornish pastry. There are several recipes on the internet giving details on how to make a Cornish pasty. If you like cooking, you can try some of these and vary the filling according to what you like. Itis a delicious meal that you should try at some stage.