The Charm of a Real English Breakfast

The traditional English breakfast is a national institution. The bulk of the population of the United Kingdom enjoys breakfast for what it is, the most important meal of the day, they wake up earlier in the morning to enjoy it peacefully before going out to face the day.

This preparation remains as the favorite food of many British people, although the recipe has centuries of history. So, keep reading, in this article you’ll know what its origin is and what to expect on your plate when you order it at any London bar.

What’s on The Famous Full English Breakfast?

The English breakfast is made with different ingredients that give the energy needed for the whole day. It consists of a complete dish that is taken early in the day and includes bacon and eggs, some fried vegetables and squares of fried bread, baked beans, tomatoes, sausages, mushrooms, and the well-known black pudding cut into pieces thick and fried so it doesn’t lose its essence and flavor.

This copious breakfast is served accompanied by a large toast placed on the side of the plate. A winning combination that although it’s a delight is not meant to be an everyday meal. As for drinking, the typical thing in the United Kingdom is tea, but it can also be accompanied with coffee or juice. Also, some people add a sweet dish to the English breakfast: the porridge. The full breakfast in the Scottish area has the ingredients of the full English breakfast but, in addition, adds potato scones, haggis, and oatcakes. In Ireland, the full breakfast has the basic elements adding soda bread.

If you order a traditional English breakfast in the Welsh area, you’ll find toast and seaweed cakes and oats. Also, there’s the well-known Ulster Fry, it’s not different from the traditional English breakfast, but it adds the soda bread in any area of ​​the country and is served all day long to those who want to enjoy it. Usually, the Full English is only served till 11 o’clock.

The Essential Seasonings for English Breakfast

Obviously, the traditional English breakfast must include the sauces with which to accompany this majestic breakfast. These seasonings can be natural tomato sauce or ketchup and your favorite jam for the toast. Also, the famous Marmite can be found on the table. This spread made from the brewer’s yeast is perfect to accompany a traditional English breakfast with its characteristic flavor.

History of English Breakfast

The origin of the full English breakfast dates from the 13th century. At the time it existed in the United Kingdom thanks to a social class called gentry. This was formed by the squirearchy and other relatives of the royalty who, although they had access to high education and lived as wealthy landlords, had no nobiliary titles.

The gentries lived in large residences in the countryside and used to organize social events such as hunting, another British tradition. In these, to show their richness, they made this abundant and diverse breakfasts with high-quality goods. Something important in the English breakfast is further it was served on social occasions or ceremonies such as weddings. Back in the day, weddings had to be celebrated before noon, so the first meal that the couple shared as husband and wife was breakfast, taking the name of the wedding breakfast.

British people truly value food, and as you can see any patron must have a strong body or be very used to this amounts of food in the morning, but a sure thing is that if you travel to London you should try it to delight yourself with its taste. A good option to enjoy an English breakfast is visiting first thing in the morning any bar or restaurant because they usually prepare it with dedication and it’s quite delicious everywhere.