The Best Restaurants to Take Your Date to in London

The streets of London have any type of restaurant that you want. Whether it is French cuisines or Italian delicacies or even English meals with German wines you are sure to find the best restaurant to take your date to in London. Here are some great London restaurants to consider.


An intimate dinner date in the city ought to include a great view which you can get from the 38th & 39th floors of the Heron Tower where SushiSamba serves a delicious blend of Japanese-Peruvian cuisines. The beautiful view combines with sumptuous meals to make it one of the best restaurants to have a date in London.

Cafe Sou

The decorative finishing of the restaurant gives it an aura of intimacy. The gourmet specialist, Rachel Khoo, has formulated an unfussy menu influenced by her different French ventures. It’s the ideal place to take your date for a romantic dinner. Enjoy the variety of French wines and cheese while having an intimate time with your date.

TT Liquor

Although the name may make you feel it is just another alcohol shop in town, it is far more than that. Going by the road-side shop and moving down the basement reveals an enchanting scene – a vintage cocktail bar with dim lights and an affable vendor available to make it worth your while. At the cocktail bar, the menu is overflowing with a variety of tasty mix drinks, curated by master mixologists ready to exhibit the best cocktails for your evening.

Clos Maggiore

Regardless of where you choose to have your date, in the wood-framed eatery or the ethereal studio, the artificial forest and pixie lights evoke a romantic atmosphere for you and your date. In addition to an enticing pre-theatre menu and a show, the variety of cuisines served here makes it a first-choice restaurant for couples.

The Palomar

An Israeli eatery serving the best blends of Mediterranean and North African cuisines in Soho. The Palomar is one of the best restaurants to take your date to in London. Accumulating various since opening in 2014, it is home to some of the best chefs in the town. To add some fun to your night, you can sit at the bar and watch the gourmet experts at work and enjoy trying out several of the flavourful cocktails.

Bob Bob Ricard

Popular for its luxurious English-Russian menu, “push for champagne” button, and a strictly elegant dressed code, Bob Bob Ricard is the first-choice spot for classy couples looking to have a great time out together.


At this restaurant, you get all you need for the perfect date night. Assorted cocktails, live jazz, and a late-night. This restaurant has been a couples’ delight for decades. Enjoy oysters and creative cocktails and the dance to some music.

Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar

It is dim, it is huge, it is candle-lit and calm. With a great menu and some the best wines in London, Hawksmoor is the perfect place for candlelight dinner.