The Best English Ciders

It is great to have some cider, especially on a hot summer day. A cider is different than any other drink, it is crisp and refreshing. If you like a good cider, then you know that many of them come from the UK. There are many great English ciders to choose from to take along to your next music festival or picnic.

Apple Country Cider Company

One great cider to try is Apple County Cider Company’s Vilberie Medium Dry. This cider is made in Wales from a single variety of apple. They then add yeast and let it ferment slowly to produce a strong and fruity flavor that your taste buds will really enjoy. Vilberia Medium Dry has a somewhat pungent taste but is subtle enough to be enjoyed.

Westons Wyld Wood Organic Cider

This cider is made by fermenting apples in oak vats. The apples that are used are organic and come from Herefordshire orchard. Oliver’s Stoke Red Fine Cider is perfect for those people who would rather not have a carbonated cider. This cider has a nice smooth taste and is made by fermenting apples in very small amounts. There is also some creativity and experimentation with different ingredients being used, such as hops.

Oldfields Worcestershire Cider Medium Dry

This cider uses Dabinett, Harry Yarlington Mill, and Harry Masters Jersey apples to produce their cider. The cider is also available in original, medium dry and medium sweet. Fowey Valley Castledore, Medium Dry Cider uses many dessert apples to make up most of the cider. The Castledore is known for a combination of sour and sweet blends. The carbonation is also very light, so it is not too fizzy which is nice for people who do not like an overly carbonated drink.

Thatchers Vintage Cider

Thatcher’s Vintage Cider is produced in North Somerset, England. It is a very strong cider. The Thatcher’s company has been in existence since 1904, and they have a 500-acre apple orchard. The ciders are made from their own apples and apples from other growers. One of the key to their success is that they ferment their apples in 100-year-old oak vats. The Vintage cider has a more bittersweet taste than some of the other ciders produced by Thatcher’s company.

Kent Cider Company Blend 23

This is another terrific cider to try. The Kent Cider Company makes award-winning cider consisting of a variety of apples including species such as gala and granny smith. They do also include other lesser known types of apples in the blend to produce a very powerful and delicious apple tasting cider. It is packed full of flavor for a refreshing drink.

There are so many great ciders, when it is a hot night and you are looking for a cooling drink, try one of these.

And even better yet, if you are in England, be sure to take a cider, there is nothing like drinking one in the country in which it is made!