Proper Manners While Eating A Meal

It is important for a person to have good manners and etiquette while eating. Today there are many instances where a person may be interviewed for a job while eating a meal. Many business meetings are also held while eating out. There are some useful tips and information that you should learn and remember when it comes to table manners.

Napkins and Conversation

For example, you should start by putting a table napkin in your lap. You can unfold it in your lap. Do not use the napkin to blow your nose but do use to cover your mouth and nose if you have to cough or sneeze. It is also rude to have devices such as smart phones on the table during a meal. It would be extremely rude to use the phone while you are at the table with guests. In other words, do not text, surf the internet, look at Facebook or have a conversation on the smart phone while you are seated at a table and eating a meal with a colleague. Even if you are by yourself it would be rude to have a loud conversation with someone on the smart phone while eating at a restaurant. It may be a good idea to mute your phone while you are eating so as to avoid interruptions.

Wait for Others

You should not start to eat until all parties are seated and ready to begin eating. At a table where there are several people seated you should pass the food from left to right if food is to be passed around. This rule changes if someone specifically asks you to pass something to them.

Use the Correct Cutlery

If you are seated at a table where the cutlery has been placed in a special order from outwards to inwards, then you should use cutlery in the same order as far as possible. In other words, use a knife that is outer most before using a knife that is inner most. You should cut your food into small pieces that are bite-size. Do not place a big piece of food in your mouth. Obviously do not talk while you have food in your mouth. Not only is it rude to talk with food in your mouth but you could end up choking. Obviously, you should not eat with your mouth open either.

Basic Manners

Do not pick food out of your teeth in front of everyone. If you need to leave the table, you should say “Excuse me, please. I will be right back.” You should never simply get up and walk off without saying anything. If you see food that you are unsure how to eat you wait until someone else eats it to see if you need to use a utensil or your hands or avoid eating the food. If food is being served from a platter you should only take one serving so that other parties can take a serving as well. These are some simple tips on how you should behave when you are out eating.