Michelin Star Restaurants to Check Out in the UK

Only some restaurants are lucky enough to be awarded a Michelin star. The Michelin stars are a rating system that is used to grade restaurants on the quality of their food. The more stars a restaurant receives the better the food is. Different types of restaurants can receive a Michelin star. For example, the Araki in Mayfair is a Japanese restaurant that usually gets a Michelin star. This restaurant has now been given three stars and the food has been described as amazing and incredibly good. The sushi has been modified to take into account what fish and other seafood are found in Europe, so they often use squid and salmon. Since this is a three-star restaurant, it should be checked out.

Alain Ducasse

Another great three-star restaurant is the Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester. The food is excellent and includes French cuisine that is made using ingredients from France and Britain. Some of their seasonal dishes include delicious truffle chicken quenelles, “”sauté gourmand” of lobster, homemade pasta; halibut with lemon sauce, and celeriac and caviar.

The Waterside Inn

This is another terrific three-star restaurant. The Waterside Inn restaurant was opened in 1972 by two brothers. It is located in the city of Bray in Berkshire County and is still owned and operated by the Roux family who started the business. The food is French cuisine and this restaurant has actually held a three-star status for more than 20 years. This means that the food has been of a very high quality for several years now. They have various menus to choose from that include such delectable items as lobster and smoked salmon, Challandais rabbit or duck or Angus beef. The inn also offers accommodation in addition to be a restaurant.

Fat Duck

Another one located in Bray is the Fat Duck restaurant. This is also a three-star rated restaurant, which opened in 1995. This restaurant employs many chefs who work on creating new food dishes and on offering different courses to taste. They are known for creating unusual combinations of food, such as egg and bacon ice cream, snail porridge and ice cream made of crab. Even though they do often combine unusual food items together, it seems to work well, and they are still rated as a three-star reference today.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsey

Also, in London is another very highly rated three-star restaurant which has exceptional food. They include such food as delicious ravioli, pan fried scallops from the Isle of Man, Cornish brown crab and pressed foie gras. There are several other options available besides these dishes. They also cater for special events such as wedding receptions. This would be a terrific restaurant to visit for a fine dining experience.

There are also some two-star restaurants that would be worth a visit. For instance, you could choose to eat at Ledbury in North Kensington or even Le Gavroche in Mayfair. These are all wonderful restaurants to check out if you happen to be visiting or living in the UK.