Michelin-Star Restaurants in London You Want to Visit

Michelin-Star Restaurants in London You Want to Visit

Regardless of whether you’re a foodie or simply enjoy an occasional evening at an outstanding restaurant, Michelin-star restaurants should probably be on your radar. Receiving a Michelin star is not only some way of getting good publicity, it’s a sign of a restaurant’s excellence and devotion to providing people with incredible food-related experiences. London is a hub for many things, and Michelin-star restaurants are not an exception. With a total of 67 establishments holding from one to three Michelin stars, London truly has what to offer for all fans of quality food.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

It’s simply impossible not to start a list of Michelin-star restaurants in London with another restaurant, and there are good reasons for that. It’s not just the eccentric character and strict approach to mentoring that the famous chef Gordon Ramsey is so well-known for. His restaurant in London has been at the top of Michelin ratings, holding a three-star evaluation since 2001. It’s a very impressive achievement, as oftentimes restaurants peek in excellence and do not manage to stay at the very top for long.

As for the restaurant itself, Gordon Ramsey himself does not cook there anymore, but that has not caused its superiority to decline in one bit. The food is innovative and delicious, the atmosphere is elegant and sophisticated yet inviting, and the staff is extremely professional. Overall, it’s one of the most incredible fine dining experiences you’ll ever have, so certainly give it a shot when you’re in Chelsea.

The Ledbury

You’ll need to spare some money if you want to eat there, but it’s well worth it. This haute restaurant holds proud two Michelin stars is guaranteed to bring you gustatory experiences you’re bound to enjoy. The famous Aussie chef Brett Graham is successfully exhibiting his immense talent by constantly offering the guests masterpieces made out of seasonal British ingredients. The restaurant is an experience of a lifetime, so you’ll see people in suits and sweatpants alike, all hoping to get a bite of it while they’re in Notting Hill.

Le Gavroche

Located in a windowless basement and with interior that screams old-school, Le Gavroche might not be everyone’s go-to when they’re envisioning the perfect place for a lovely Saturday night dinner. It is the go-to for the foodies looking to experience “haute cuisine ancienne”, aka the original French haute cuisine. Established back in 1967 and holding two Michelin stars, this restaurant is a family-owned place with food that will leave you at awe and wines that will surely suit your fancy.

Harwood Arms

On the cheaper end of things, Harwood Arms comes at us with one Michelin star and an atmosphere that is hard to mistake for anything else. It’s not even exactly a restaurant, one wouldn’t be wrong if they called it a pub, and that’s the only one of its kind with a Michelin star in London. That’s where you go if you want top-class seasonal game, and you get to choose if you want to sit in the dinning room or at a bar.