How Food Differs in Various Parts of the UK

The United Kingdom is a melting pot of variety.  There are so many different cultures and cuisines. Ireland, Scotland and Wales are all areas that have specific food preferences and often have traditional dishes that you may not find in England. Certain larger cities, such London, may have eateries where you can find some typical dishes from other parts of the UK.

Welsh Food

Welsh Cakes and Glamorgan sausages are common in Wales. Cuisine from this region often uses items and ingredients that are in season and they even include such items as laver seaweed and cockles.  Welsh Cawl is a stew which is made with vegetables and lamb. This hearty dish is a favorite among the Welsh and is traditionally eaten with a wooden spoon out of a wooden dish.

Scottish Food

Scotland has some dishes that they consider traditional, such as haggis. This dish is made using offal from sheep and mixing this with suet, seasoning and oatmeal. This is all boiled together in a bag. It might not sound appetizing, but many Scots swear by it.  Scotch broth is another traditional meal. This is a soup that is made with lamb, beef or mutton and includes various vegetables such as lentils or carrots and swedes.

Irish Food

This food consists of tasty traditional fare colcannon, boiled bacon and cabbage and soda bread. Colcannon is a hearty dish made of potatoes, cream and cabbage and is considered a favorite as a comfort food in Ireland. Cabbage, boiled bacon and potatoes are other staples prepared in Irish households which can be eaten with soda bread.  Soda bread is typical in Ireland with recipes that are passed down from one generation to the next. Each family has their own idea of how soda bread should be made. Shellfish is also popular and includes cockles, prawns and mussels. Irish stew is a combination made of onions, potatoes and mutton. Some add pearl barley to thicken the stew up. Today you may find that this stew is made more often with lamb than with mutton which has become harder to acquire these days.

Irish Food

English Food

Some traditional English dishes include fish and chips, which is still very popular down to this day. The full English breakfast, which consists of sausages, bacon, toast, eggs, roasted tomatoes, baked beans and at times black pudding, is a favorite for many people. Bangers and mash are another popular traditional British meal; it is comprised of mashed potatoes and sausages. This is a popular comfort dinner that English people enjoy. Another delicious traditional English dish that is also eaten in other parts of the world is the roast dinner. Made of roast beef or chicken, steamed vegetables such as green beans and carrots, and roast potatoes and a side of fluffy stuffing, it’s typically eaten on Sundays and special occasions. Types of dishes can vary according to what part of the UK you are in, but rest assured that wherever you happen to be, you will be able to get a delicious meal.