How English Food Has Influenced the Culinary World

England has a long and rich culture and history, it came to power early on and has continued to be a world power. It has ruled during peace and war times and managed to influence the whole world over and over again. The vast empire it once had led to an easier circulation of ideas, trends, customs and so on. One of the easiest to observe influences they had is in the culinary world. There are countless recipes that are now popular world-wide, and they have started in England. The culinary history is an amazing way to see the traces of our ancestors and the vast influences this country had over the other nations. We have listed some examples of how England managed to influence the culinary world.

Influential Chefs

If we look at the trends now we see that some of the most famous chefs come from England. The cooking schools here like to keep the old recipes alive and to add the personality of the chef. Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver are well-known for their chowders and stews that are inspired from the old recipes. They are spreading the English cuisine in their restaurants all over the world, making more people to fall in love with the British food.

Adapted Classics

The best influential example is the United States of America. Many of the recipes like pie, stew, chowder and even cheesecake are actually adopted from England. This is also due to the fact that the first settlers came from England. But still, we have the southern cuisine that incorporates the traditional beans in almost every food. Fried bacon is now an international breakfast recipe, but it all started in England. People here have been serving fried bacon and beans since the time of Henric the 8th.

Another great example is fish and chips. This is one of the most specific English street food dishes. It is so simple and delicious that chefs from all over the world adopted it and transformed it into a Michelin restaurant dish. This is one of the best modern examples of how a very simple and cheap dish can be transformed into a masterpiece.

The Yorkshire pudding itself has been a great source of inspiration alongside other meat and vegetable pies and pastry. The whole world embraced the idea of putting meat in pastry and serving it like that. The Yorkshire pudding is now one of the top international dishes that have first started in a kitchen in the rural England.

English cuisine showed that old and maybe fatty recipes can be extremely delicious and that they can pass the test of time. Many people believe the stereotypes of the English Breakfast, but the core of the English cuisine is to be efficient and savory. For a long time, people had to cook very carefully in order to create the least amount of waste. This is why you see this culture of “leftover” dishes that started here and soon managed to catch the hearts of people all over the world.