Hidden Cafes Throughout England

England is quickly becoming a more and more popular destination for those looking for cute and cozy cafes and yummy food. These warm establishments are a great accompaniment to the cold weather and grey skies. When you are worn out from seeing the tourist sites all day check out some hidden cafes that offer delicious food and warm coffees.

Candid Cafe

One such place is the Candid Café which features a menu of Mediterranean food. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and there are nice comfortable furniture including sofas and armchairs. This is a nice and relaxing spot in London where you can grab a tasty meal while you sit and relax with a friend.

Looking Glass Cocktail Club

The Looking Glass Cocktail Club is located in the Shoreditch region of London. This is not a well-known area and the club is rather hidden. The Looking Glass Cocktail Club offers a nice menu with tasty cocktails. There are also live performances at the club at various times.

Rooftop Cafe

Another great hidden café in London is the Rooftop Café, which is a truly great little place to get a delicious meal such as pancetta hash and eggs. The café also offers terrific views of the Shard building and the London skyline. The atmosphere is very friendly, and menu offers good quality tasty dishes. You have a wide selection of good meals and beverages to choose from.

Rose Cafe

A great spot to go to for a nice tasty lunch and latte is the Rose Café. The Rose Café is located in the Paddington area of London. This is a Middle Eastern Café that offers some great tasty sandwiches such as chicken breast sandwiches. This café is a great choice to get a quick bite to eat, especially if you are in the Paddington area.

Café Dreams

This place is located on Cavendish Road in Leicester England and is a nice hidden café. They offer nice affordable food that tastes great. The food is delicious and includes such dishes as sausage, eggs and bacon. The food is high quality and relatively inexpensive.

Café Noir

Located in Rushden, England, is another great hidden gem. The food is made with fresh ingredients and is absolutely delicious. The prices are also very reasonable for the amount and quality of the food that you get at this café. They also have a nice variety of cakes to choose from and delicious paninis. This café offers a great breakfast menu as well and it is very clean with friendly staff.

Cafe TMC

Café TMC is a great café that is located in Blakeney, England.  This café is actually in an old chapel which is rather unusual and makes for a unique atmosphere. They have great food, and especially tasty homemade cakes and pastries. They also offer various sandwiches and drinks to suit all needs. The atmosphere is amicable and it is a great place to go to get a tasty, delicious snack.