Greatest Chefs from England

A chef is a chief cook in a hotel or restaurant. Chefs oversee food preparation, kitchen staff, plan the menus and make orders. Attention to detail is essential in running a kitchen. Every step requires meticulous preparation thereby rendering the occupation an art. Below is our list of the most celebrated chefs in England.

Heston Marc Blumenthal

Blumenthal is a household name. He owns two chic UK restaurants; the fat Duck and 3 Michelin based in Berkshire. Blumenthal tops the list of celebrity chefs and considering he’s self-taught makes the achievement even more amazing. In addition to owning restaurants, he has published several books, such as; Family Book and Heston Blumenthal: In search of Perfection to name a few. Blumenthal made money from the profession after opening Fat Duck. Blumenthal’s first ever dish was tripled cooked chips, currently one of UK’s most famed dishes.

Gordon James Ramsay

Born in Scotland and brought up in Stratford-upon-Avon England, Ramsay ranks second only to Blumenthal in the popularity charts in England. Upon completing his studies in hotel management, natural talent and hard work lead him to world recognition. Through numerous TV shows on food and competitive cookery, Ramsay passes on his genius to enthusiasts. Two Michelin triumphs in three years are testament to Ramsay’s prowess. Additionally, he also runs, and a restaurant named “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay”.

Jamie Oliver

Born on May 27, 1975, Oliver prides himself on being among the most liked British celebrity chefs. Oliver gained recognition for his cookbooks, food TV shows and a hard-fought campaign against processed foods. Famous beyond the English, he specializes in Italian cuisine. Oliver developed a love for cooking while he worked his parent’s eatery during vacations, he. Oliver joined Westminister Catering College and worked as a pastry chef where he honed his skills and fell in love with Italian cuisine. In 2008, Oliver opened up his first restaurant, the Jamie Italian.

Michel Roux Jr.

Conceived on the 23rd day of May 1960, Michael is regarded as one of England’s greatest coaches. Currently a Two-star Michelin chef at Le Gavroche, Michel’s started out by working under his father who was a chef. However, it wasn’t until Michel made an appearance in Hell’s Kitchen alongside personal friend Gordon Ramsay that surged his popularity. Currently, Michel hosts Food and Drink, a new series which is slowly gaining popularity. He also has several cookbooks and does consultancy work as a chef.

Gary Rhodes

Rhodes, born on 22nd April 1960, his journey began when working as a chef at the Reform Club in Pall Mall. His popularity burgeoned as a result of appearances in shows, such as Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, and Rhodes Around Britain, which he hosts and owns the show. In addition to running a show, Michel owns restaurants in Britain and also has cookware line and bread mixes.