Famous Irish Dishes to Try

There are some great foods to try if you take a trip to Ireland. Many people do not think of food when they think of traveling to Ireland, they think of whiskeys and lush green landscapes. Today we are going to show you that there are in fact some great and delicious Irish dished that you can try when you take a trip the green island.

Irish Stew

The Irish stew is a popular dish that is made of mutton, potatoes and onion. Lamb, stock and herbs are often used today. Herbs that are added include thyme, bay leaves and parsley. You can find variations in what is added, so some people now also add root vegetables such as turnips or carrots, and pearly barley. The barley is added to ensure the soup is not too watery.

Boiled Dishes

An Irish favorite is boiled cabbage and boiled bacon. Cured and salted bacon is used. It is served sliced and served with boiled potatoes and cabbage. White sauce is sometimes also added. This sauce is made from milk, butter, flour and usually an herb such as parsley.


Boxty is another great food Ireland is known for. Boxty is essentially a type of potato pancake. It is made by using mashed and grated potato that is mixed with baking soda, buttermilk, flour and sometimes egg. This mixture is then fried on a griddle pan to make a pancake. Sometimes you can find boxty baked as a loaf instead and served with vegetables such as squash.

Black Pudding

Irish is also famous for black pudding. This is an old sausage made of pork blood and fat mixed with a grain such as oats or barley. Herbs such as pennyroyal, thyme, marjoram or mint are also added. White pudding is also common in Ireland. This is similar to the black pudding, but they do not include blood when making white pudding.


This is an Irish dish that was really created to use up leftovers. It is often made using slices of pork or bacon and then adding onions, potatoes and herbs such as chives or parsley. They also add pepper and salt and barley. All the ingredients are cooked and steamed together in a pot. This is a comfort food that is often eaten in Ireland during the cold and dreary winter months.


Another common dish that is often eaten in Ireland. It is a dish made by mixing up mashed potatoes with cheese, butter, milk, spring onions and salt and pepper. It used to be made using nettle rather than onions, but this is not seen much today. Onions have largely replaced nettle in the recipe.


A nice meal to have with tea is barmbrack. This is a type of fruity loaf that is made with sultanas and raisins, and it is served with butter. This is often made as a Halloween food in Ireland and goes nicely with a hot cup of tea. These are some famous Irish dishes that you can try on a trip to Ireland.