Classic English Pub Food

The UK is considered by many the birth place of the term pub. The pub is basically a friendly bar and restaurant in the same time where you go out with friends to have a fun evening. The culture of pubs has expanded all over the world, but the original version can be found in the UK. Besides the amazing drinks and good music, the pubs are also renowned for the food. Quick snacks or fatty meals, you can find all of that in an original English pub. The pub food has become so popular that many restaurants adopted the recipes in their menus. But what is the classic English pub food that managed to change the concept of going out all over the globe? We have listed some of the best English pub food recipes in order to better understand this phenomenon.

Fish and Chips

When you are asking a random citizen of this planet what the traditional dish in the UK is, most of them will answer fish and chips. This dish started as a very low-priced dish that was usually grabbed on the run in London. Many consider that this is the first fast-food recipe in the world. It used to be served in a “dish” made of yesterday’s newspaper. The popularity of this dish grew, and it soon moved from the streets in the pubs. It can now be found in almost every pub in UK and it is a dish loved both by the locals and tourists.

Beef Sandwich

The spiced beef sandwich is considered by many chefs the ancestor of the burger. It is made of two halves of a small bread and between them it has grilled or fried beef strips that are served with sauce and gravy. The sandwich usually has pickles or salad and it is sometimes served with fries and extra sauce. It is simply delicious, and it is the perfect companion of the English beer. The spices used to cook the beef make this dish truly authentic.

The English Pork Pie

This is a masterpiece of the local cuisine. The slowly cooked pork meat is seasoned with amazing herbs and the longtime of cooking gives it an amazing taste and texture. The meat is then covered with dough and cooked in the oven. The resulting dish is simply amazing, and it is loved by anyone. It is quite heavy, but this has not stopped anyone so far from enjoying the juiciness of the meat and the crisp in the dough.

Bread and Butter Pudding

The bread and butter pudding are a great English recipe that is very easy to find. This odd mixture between sliced of bread, spices, butter and sometimes meat makes every pub night perfect. It is very tasty, and it is also the perfect companion of a dark beer. This recipe has many interpretations all over the UK, so your taste buds will be surprised in every English pub. It is an authentic dish.