Classic English Drinks

The English Nations had been known to be lovers of drinks right from time immemorial. Briefly in this piece, I will be going through some of the classic English drinks, let’s begin…


British or the English people are lovers of tea, in fact, statistical records shows that in a day, over 165million cups of tea is being consumed by the British alone. Tea was first imported into Britain in the 17th century, And it gained it’s ground and became a drink for all when Catherine of Bragarza who was Charles II’s Queen declared herself as a fan of tea.

Dandelion and Burdock

This is one British concoction that is classic and enigmatic, and had been gradually common and constant in the soft drink market in past years. It is a traditionally made drink that contains the combination of burdock leaves and Dandelion’s root, which will leave a very unique taste. It is a drink with a very unique and original taste that is been served instead of the ubiquitous coke with lots of ice.


In a song being sang by children from 1964 Mary Poppins, the phrase ” and never smell of barley water” is brought out. Robinson which is a beverage is prepared from pearl barley, water and fruit juice. This beverage has been on the British drink list for over a hundred years, and since 1934, it has been the official soft drink of the Wimbledon championships.


It was introduced in the 17th century just like tea. In London, the coffee houses has been a popular place with high patronage. A lot of people  gather to take coffee, talk, and share ideas.


In Britain, Cider has been the highest consumed drink in English Nations when compared with the other nations. Farmers of the 18th century made it a very common practice to receive a certain percentage of their wages in Cider. Although the fruity alcoholic juice is undergoing an upsurge in its popularity, it is still benefiting from organic drinks and food’s interest.


Pimm is made with alcohol and fruits, thus it is known as a refined alcoholic punch with a very slow effect on the drinker. It is best served with ice and maybe slices of cucumber. Pimm is a traditional drink for high class people although it is now commonly taken among the younger ones this days.

Ginger Beer

British had been consuming ginger beer since the mid 17th century.Ginger beer is a classic British beverage that had a very high sales during the Cholera epidemic in 1832, when it was believed to have immune properties against the infection.


This is also a mixture of alcohol and juice. It was introduced to the British in the early years of the1700s. It is a fashionable drink served in wide bowls on special occasions and gatherings. It was the best drink of Charce Dickens.

Be sure to try all of these famous classic British drinks! Other Classic English Drinks are: Beer, Gin, Scotch, etc.