Best English Beer to Pair With Your Dishes

The English beer is well-known as one of the best beers in the whole world. It is thanks to the long history of brewery in this country and thanks to the recent popularity of the craft beers. The English cuisine is also known as one of the tastiest in the world and it is loved by locals and tourists, no matter the dish. Pairing these two masterpieces of the English culture can be quite a tricky task thanks to the fact that they both have strong and unique tastes. There are countless possible combinations and the moment you find the perfect match; your taste buds will definitely have a party. We have listed some of the best ways to pair the English beer with the dishes to give you a true English cuisine experience.

Complement the Taste

This means that if you want to drink a very spicy beer you should choose a more toned-down dish to fully enjoy the taste of both. Over-powering is not a good idea because you will not feel the taste of either of them and at the end of the meal you will not have any satisfaction. For instance, a spicy dish goes perfectly with a lighter beer that will allow you to enjoy the hop taste of your drink and the strong spiciness of your food. This is the best ways to complement the beer with the food.

Pay attention to the undertones of your drink

There are many craft beers that have flower or fruit undertone. This gives them an amazing aftertaste, and this is one of the main reasons why they are so popular. If you want to have a rose undertone beer that is quite delicate in taste you should consider combining it with a more delicate dish, not a BBC rib dish. This is because the taste of the beer is not very strong, and a very strong-tasting dish will only cover the undertone of your beer.

Beer Texture

The texture of the beer is also very important. There are beers that feel more acid, more carbonated or just thick, like a very strong dark lager. Try to balance the texture of your beer with the overall texture and taste power of your dish. A very crispy dish will go perfectly with a lighter, less-carbonated beer that will not over-power your taste buds.


There are also some exceptions to the rule. A very smoky flavor of the beer can go perfect with a strong fruity taste of a dish. It is all about the balance. If you pair a strong dark lager with a spicy rib dish you will only feel an odd mixture. But balancing sweet/sour, sweet/bitter, fruity/bitter, floral/bitter and so on can be a great choice. You must take into consideration the balance in taste, undertone, after taste and texture. It may sound difficult, but these rules will allow you to enjoy an amazing tasting experience