All About Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is one of the most loved chefs and TV personalities on the globe. He is one of the best-selling chefs in the world and his shows manage to inspire millions of people to live a healthier and better life. He was born in 1975 in England and started cooking at a very young age. His parents owned a restaurant in which Oliver worked throughout his childhood. This is the place where he first learned how to hold a knife and how to properly chop an onion. He graduated a hospitality school and started working as a pastry in an Italian restaurant. This is the place where he first learned about cooking sweets and his mentor at that time became a life-long friend. Jamie Oliver stated that this is the place where he got his Italian inspiration for his dishes later in his career.

Marriage and Early Career

He got married in 2000 while he was starring in the show called The Naked Chef. He has 5 children with his wife and he stated that the birth of his first child determined him to fight for better food in schools for children. He is well-known for his legal battles against the fast-food chains that are opened near schools and managed to prove that the food served here is bad for the long-term health of the children. He reminds his viewers in every show he has that healthy eating is not a difficult task and that the risks of junk food are too high to continue eating it.

He admitted suffering from dyslexia from a very young age and that cooking helped him cope with this condition. He stated that he managed to read his first book at the age of 38 because of this condition and he is a very strong supporter of people with dyslexia.

Advocate for Food and Health

He also advocated for more mature consumption in the UK. He stated many times that it is a pity that there are tons of food being thrown away every day in the UK while there are people starving. He started a new TV series in which he shows how to incorporate leftovers into delicious meals. There were many controversies around the efficiency of this technique but the public like the approach of the chef. People in the UK were used with TV shows in which the chefs would use exotic and expensive ingredients that were sometimes impossible to find in the UK, therefore his show was so welcomed.

He wrote many books about the cooking techniques and recipes. He is the second best-selling author in the UK, after J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. He likes giving his readers easy recipes that can be done without much effort and that are still healthy and delicious. He likes to advocate for home cooking. His chain of restaurants takes the same approach. Most of the meals are made of local ingredients to support the local farmers.