5 Great Dinner Restaurants in England

We are past the days where it is very difficult to get good food in England. The country was previously dominated by poor culinary service providers and was a subject of international scorn. England is now home to many of the world’s impressive and skilled chefs with restaurants and diners scattered all over the place. You can now find a good dinner that can cater for your taste and budget with little or no effort. In other to help you get the best experience whenever you visit London, we bring to you a list of the best dining restaurants in England where you can walk in and have your appetite sated. You are promised to be well informed about the finest culinary centres in England by the end of this article.

The Heston Blumenthal Dinner

If you are looking to have a taste of reinterpreted historic British dishes, then you should visit this restaurant. You can drop by at the mandarin oriental and have a taste of the 18th-century Salmagundy (chicken, salsify, marrow bone) or have a plate of Taffety Tart (apple, rose, fennel and blackcurrant sorbet). The meals here are very delicious with nice customer care services and a great view of the Hyde Park.

The Wolseley, Piccadilly

You can never have a bad meal at the Wolseley. This is one of the most sought-after food event centres in London and they never disappoint even after many years of business. This glamorous dining restaurant is suited in an Art Decorated room formerly used as a car showroom. It is the perfect place where you can run in for a hangover breakfasts, business lunch or a casual dinner with your lover.

The Wolseley, Piccadilly

Café in The Crypt, St Martin’s-In-The-Fields, Trafalgar Square

This restaurant offers you great meals right at the heart of London. The St Martin’s 18th-century crypt was converted into a cafeteria-style restaurant a few years ago and since then has served English food lovers with hearty meals. You can now have proper teas, big breakfasts, tasty soups, and chicken. The diner is very comfortable and feels like a gallery café. You are sure to have a good time here.


If you are looking to have a quick meal and get back to your normal daily routine, then you should stop by at the Morito. This is not a place to go to if you are ravenous, you can walk in here and other your light lunch or dinner and get served almost immediately. If you are looking for a quiet place to hid and eat good food, here is your best bet.


Bonds double as a restaurant and a bar with separate entrances. The place is usually filled with locals during the weekend as people come here to have a nice time chewing down special European delicacies and drink cocktails. The restaurant also serves modern European and Asian meals and incorporates the Asian feel to its décor (plenty sleek woods and choice flowers). You can have your three-course meal plus tasty dessert for just a small amount as the place is not pricey at all.

Bonds restaurant